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Umbrella Insurance

from Snapp & Son Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella policies from Snapp & Son Insurance won’t help if you forget your umbrella on a particularly rainy afternoon in Seattle. However, there are plenty of situations in which our umbrella insurance could benefit you. Umbrella coverage is an additional safety net to take care of expenses once the liability limits on other standard policies have been met. For example, if your dog bites a child, your homeowners policy might not provide enough coverage to take care of medical expenses, but an umbrella policy could extend the limits. If you hit a vehicle and injure several passengers, umbrella coverage will pick up where your liability limits end in order to protect you from financial losses.

Protection for the Unexpected

Bad things happen, and you can’t always be prepared for them. However, umbrella insurance can help you recover more quickly after an unexpected event. Here are just a few situations in which an umbrella policy would be helpful

  • If you hit a luxury vehicle or antique car and were held liable for a total loss on it
  • If a fire in your apartment or condominium spread to other housing units
  • If you were held responsible for serious damage to a yacht or other pleasure boat

Being cautious doesn’t have to mean living in fear. Consider the possibilities. Then get the protection you need.

Available Umbrella Policies

Umbrella policies usually begin at an additional $1 million in liability coverage, but we can write policies for higher amounts as well. In addition to picking up where other insurance limits drop off, umbrella coverage often pays for damages excluded by other insurance policies. Umbrella policies may even provide personal liability for you, your spouse and any family members who live in your home, and umbrella insurance generally covers legal fees should you be sued for libel or other damages.

Free umbrella insurance quotes are available online. For further information, you can call our offices and learn more.