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Boat Insurance

from Snapp & Son Insurance

Boat Insurance

Many customers of Snapp & Son Insurance enjoy relaxing on the water. Whether you have a jet ski, sailboat, yacht or fishing vessel, we can help you enjoy your time on the water even more by protecting your craft, your passengers and your cargo.

Watercraft We Protect

We provide insurance policies for many types of watercraft. Although we focus on serving the Seattle area, we offer boat insurance in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Arizona. We offer coverage for specific navigational areas, which can be extended to meet your recreational needs and preferences. We insure powered watercraft as well as sailboats and watercraft propelled by other means. Our friendly agents will advise you concerning the minimum required coverage for your boat, but we can also help you find a policy that best protects you and your water recreation.

Coverage Options

As with car insurance, boat insurance comes with many different options. You can choose minimum legal coverage or opt for more extensive insurance coverage that is often more affordable than you would imagine. Common coverage options include

  • Liability coverage to pay for damages and injuries to someone else and their property if you are held responsible for a boating accident
  • Medical coverage to pay for medical care should you or your passengers be injured as a result of an accident
  • Physical damage coverage, like comprehensive insurance on your car, to cover repairs or replacement if your boat, motor, attached equipment or trailer is damaged or stolen
  • Uninsured/underinsured watercraft coverage to pay costs associated with an accident caused by a boater with insufficient coverage
  • Fuel spill liability and wreckage removal to pay for cleanup if your vessel sinks, leaks oil or spills fuel on the water
  • Personal effects coverage to insure sporting equipment, electronics, jewelry and other valuables on your boat as required or allowed by your state
  • Emergency assistance to help with towing, repairs or other expenses in the event that your boat gets stranded on the water

Some coverage options may not be available in your state, but our agents will help you learn about the options specific to your region. To learn more, call Snapp & Son Insurance today.